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ProsPEROX® Exclusive Promo Bag

ProsPEROX® Exclusive Promo Bag are great promotional tools for your selling events, product/service launching events, promotional events, exhibition events and other business events. Our ProsPEROX® Exclusive Promo Bag are made from co-extrusion multi-layered polyethylene film which is furnished by state-of-the-art flexographic printing.

ProsPEROX® Exclusive Promo Bag have some advantages to offer. Among others are being:

  • Aesthetical : Appealing in natureEconomical - Worth value for money, Strong - Excellent loadabilit, yUnique - Made for you only, Costumizable - Size, Style, Message, Text, Color, and Image are to serve your commercial messages
  • Value Creating - Stronger positioning in the minds of your customers

Large varieties of Promo Bags are made available to assist you promoting and to teach your audience. Below are some layouts of ProsPEROX® Exclusive Promo Bag (side sealed) :

These bags, ProsPEROX® Exclusive Promo Bags are intentionally designed to be your best value promotional tools and growth.

*) Colors, Dimension and Special Grades are obtainable upon request

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