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QuaSAREX Shrink Film
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PaRALAX Bread Packaging Film
NixHYDRA Multi Purpose Film

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PaRALAX® Bread Packaging Film

In today's market, cost, competition and aesthetical considerations have created a trend to make thinner bread bags and yet strong and attactive to buyers.

PT. Anta Tirta Kirana developed PaRALAX®, state-of-the-art Bread Packaging to meet this growing demand for bread manufacturers or makers.

PaRALAX® is made through blown film process and esthetical flexo-print quality by using Italy Uteco-Flexo technology. PaRALAX® thinner film, downgauged film, can reduce the bread packaging cost, and even improve the product properties and quality, like better shelf-life, through its multi-layered structure.

PaRALAX® also offers other benefits as follows :

  • Thin and strong bread bag
  • Excellent tear, puncture resistance, tensile strength and stiffness
  • Excellent optical properties and glossiness
*) Colors, Dimension and Special Grades are obtainable upon request
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