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QuaSAREX Shrink Film
TriFIDEX Stretch Film
NeBULAX Pallet Shrinkhood
SyCORAX Heavy Duty Sack
LarISSAX Industrial Inner Liner
ProsPEROX Exclusive Promo Bag
BoLIDEX Agro Film
PaRALAX Bread Packaging Film
NixHYDRA Multi Purpose Film

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LarISSAX® Industrial Inner Liner

Inner Liner is to protect products which are packaged using heavy duty sack. Being manufactured using a multi layer process, LarISSAX® is tough, replaceable, and durable antistatic liner with tear resistance to a wide range of materials, such as gaseous, liquid, or pourable products.

*) Colors, Dimension and Special Grades are obtainable upon request

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