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QuaSAREX Shrink Film
TriFIDEX Stretch Film
NeBULAX Pallet Shrinkhood
SyCORAX Heavy Duty Sack
LarISSAX Industrial Inner Liner
ProsPEROX Exclusive Promo Bag
BoLIDEX Agro Film
PaRALAX Bread Packaging Film
NixHYDRA Multi Purpose Film

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Welcome to Flexible Packaging Division

The increasing market demand for improved packaging requirement in food and beverages industry in Indonesia has inspired Anta Tirta Kirana to engange in the provision of Polyethylene (PE) multi-layer film.

Our experienced team of flexible packaging film, combined with our proprietary multi-layer blown film extrusion, flexo print technology and specialty resin, allows us to manufacture and market a new generation of quality film. With our commitment, we are getting sure we can deliver value to our customers.


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