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QuaSAREX Shrink Film
TriFIDEX Stretch Film
NeBULAX Pallet Shrinkhood
SyCORAX Heavy Duty Sack
LarISSAX Industrial Inner Liner
ProsPEROX Exclusive Promo Bag
BoLIDEX Agro Film
PaRALAX Bread Packaging Film
NixHYDRA Multi Purpose Film

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BoLIDEX® Agro Film

Anta Tirta Kirana produces agro plastics, BoLIDEX®, for various applications such as : Agro Mulch Film, Greenhouse, Geomembrane, and Pond Liner.

The increasing imbalance of quality agro products worldwide drives the demand for agro plastics around the world. Our BoLIDEX® Agro Film is designed to meet the growing demand for quality agro plastics.

Our BoLIDEX® Agro Film, in addition, is therefore to enable our business partners to produce optimal productivity and optimum value creations. Our business can be assured of it.

Agro Mulch Film
Our agro mulch is equipped with UV absorbers and stabilizers. It is to help extend the polyethylene-based agricultural mulch film to endure from high UV radiation and agricultural chemicals.

This film is used to build your agro greenhouse. There are some plants that require full sun, less sun, lots of water or a very little bit of water. Our greenhouse can meet various plants'conditions and requirements.

Geomembrane & Pond Liner
Our geomembrane and pond liner are made by multi-layer and tough polyethylene materials. They can withstand against high acid and waste chemicals. Our geomembrane and pond liner are suitable for irrigations, sanitations. UV light resistant geomembrane and pond liner are also available in our products portfolio.

*) Colors, Dimension, UV-Absorbers and Special Grades are obtainable upon request

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