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  Green Garden Blok Z4/26
  North Kedoya,
  West Jakarta 11520
  Phone : (62-21) 581 4017
  Fax     : (62-21) 581 4018

  Radar Auri No 36 Cimanggis
  Depok 16952, Indonesia
  Phone : (62-21) 873 4150
  Fax     : (62-21) 877 55453

  Kamal Raya No 90k
  Tegal Alur - Kalideres
  West Jakarta 11820,   Indonesia
  Phone : (62-21) 555 2805
  Fax     : (62-21) 559 63643

  Olymic Raya Blok B No 4
  Kawasan Industri Sentul
  Bogor 16810
  Phone : (62-21) 879 20455
  Fax     : (62-21) 879 20456


PT. Anta Tirta Kirana was established in 1994 to trade flexible packaging film dedicated for food and beverage industries. Later in the year 1994, our existing customers demanded for the making of inserting and labeling machineries as well. The company then entered into the making of the machineries, through assembling processes.

In the course of time, in 1996, an opportunity appeared for the company to engage in the trading of milk and food ingredients destined to the same industry, i.e.: food and beverages. World well-known milk producers and traders have formed alliances with the company to mutually serve the ever growing domestic markets. Murray-Goulburn, an Australian-based cooperative, a world-class milk producer, is one of our strategic business partners in dairies.

HDPE bottle production started in 2001 to cater the need for our customers engaging in diary industries. A series of capacity addition were made at later years. The latest addition was the one being made in 2006. The company has a strategic plan to stay on adding capacities in the near future. This is to keep abreast with the demand growth at the food and beverage industry.

The continued growing demand in food and beverage industry, however, reinforced the company to increase commitment in supplying more flexible packaging to food & beverage industries.

The company, thereby, in 2005-2006, installed a manufacturing line for extrusion film as well as a sophisticated printing line, a flexo machine made by world famous Italian flexo maker, Uteco SA.

A flexible packaging unit, to initially concentrate in plastic film, was set up. The unit is to take care of the manufacturing process intensively. By this establishment, Anta Tirta is optimistic to deliver superior values to its customers.

Our optimism is further enhanced when a milestone development took place in 2007. In mid 2007, our engineering team was capable to align inserting and labeling processes, from two separate processes, into a single process and yet powerful machine, named Gramachii® 250-T Series. This innovation is aimed at improving our customers’ productivity, reducing customers’ investment costs, as well as declining customers’ operating costs.

Still in 2007, to equip the company with auxiliaries required, PT. Anta Tirta Kirana established Color Dots, a unit within the company specializing in graphic design, color separation, pre press and plate making. The main focus of this business initiative is to add value to our customers a number of flexo print servicing benefits. DuPont Cyrel Fast, exposure unit and thermal developer; as well as Esko CDI Spark have set an important milestone in our flexible packaging line.

An important achievement made by these auxiliaries accompanied by cooperation with notable and internationally reputable ink suppliers was that our flexible packaging unit is now capable of printing not only on plastic film substrate but also on HVS papers to the satisfaction of our major paper-maker customers, both local and overseas.

It is why, to date, the Trading and Manufacturing Business Units become the backbone of the company’s operation and future growth.

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